London Lix - Poppers Control

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Description: I’m the hot CEO of the company you work for, have strutted into the room and demanded you get down on your knees. I’m known for fucking with my staff, testing their limits & putting them to the test, so although you feel ridiculous, here you are, on the ground beneath me, gazing up at my long stockinged legs. I shock you by revealing that I’ve looked at your HR file and see that you’ve dabbled with poppers. I bring out a bottle from behind my back, and invite you to take a hit now. You’re going to show me how this intoxication effects your performance. You going to show me how mindfucked poppers make you. I’ll instruct you how and when to sniff, how and when to stroke. I tease you with my cleavage, my ass, my legs, just enough to get you throbbing and dribbling. But this is just the warm up for what’s to follow…I leave you with an SD card – this card contains 2 clips which I’ve prepared for you. One is very sensual, very erotic. Dirty talking & encouraging. The other clip – well you won’t be the same man after it. Flip a coin – this will determine which clip I instruct you to watch. It was a pleasure fucking with you. Now let the next clip finish you off…
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